Cathy waited 27 years for her son Tommy to speak again. She was not sure if it would ever happen after he stopped speaking when he turned two and a half years old and was diagnosed with autism. But Cathy never lost hope, especially after taking him to Little City when he was nine years old. She saw the potential for progress at Little City, but more importantly, she heard it.

Giving Back Hope

Kevin was fresh off a volunteer trip to Feed My Starving Children where he packed meals that would be shipped to malnourished children across the globe. He enjoys these volunteer opportunities where he can experience something new and give back to people in need.

Blossoming into a Leader

It's another busy morning at Larry's House in Little City's Duffey Family Children's Village. The residents are preparing to go to school. And like any family, the level of enthusiasm varies from day to day.

Video: Views on Autism

As a supporter of Little City, you know autism can come in many different forms. But how do everyday people view autism? What about the experts? How does this Chicago Blackhawks see it? Check out our man-on-the-street video.

Welcome to The Spectrum
"The Spectrum" is a newspaper unlike any other. The stories you read here will inspire you, put a smile on your face, and remind you that, despite its challenges, the world of autism can also be full of happiness, hope and wonder.

April is a special time at Little City because it is Autism Awareness Month, which is why "The Spectrum" is such a fitting title. The word "spectrum" is a reminder that people are not meant to be put in boxes or live only according to the labels others put on them.

"The Spectrum" is a reminder that we are all connected sharing the same space and lifeline. It is this common bond that has the power to foster compassion, caring and giving in order to create communities full of people with different abilities, interests and personalities where every individual has the opportunity to reach their unique potential.