Opening a gift from a loved one is one of the most exciting parts of the holidays. Opening a door, however, could be the greatest gift of all. At Little City, we are focused on opening doors to a better future for all the people we serve. Often times just turning the handle is enough for these hopeful individuals to seize the opportunity and push right through that door.

Behind each door below, you can see how every donation helps Little City open up a world of hope and opportunity. Click on each door to open it.

Wherever and whenever you see Allison, you are sure to see her active and on the move.

Whether she is motivating her teammates in a volleyball game, creating art in the recreation classrooms, or working hard at the Center for Employment & Business Opportunities, one thing is certain — Allison is never sitting idle.

is going to unlock the door to his own home one day, that is a certainty.

Billy came to Little City about eith months ago and quickly worked his way through the Employment First program to land a job at a local grocery store. The process typically takes three months as the prospective employee learns how to search for a job, put together a resume with references and succeed in an interview.

With your help, we can open more doors for those individuals at Little City so their goals become reality.

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