Tell Congress: Pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

Our nation should have world-class infrastructure built by skilled union workers. Instead we have a system in a state of failure in deep need of renewed investment. Our roads, bridges, and transit and water systems need investment. Tell Congress it's urgent that they act on the $1.2 trillion deal worked out between the White House and a bipartisan group of lawmakers. 


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Create Jobs, Pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

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The time is now to rebuild our nation's infrastructure. The $1 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is a robust investment that will restore our country and create good jobs.

The need for infrastructure is clear. The most recent American Society of Civil Engineers report gave our nation's overall infrastructure a grade of C minus. Forty-three percent of our roadways are in poor or mediocre condition and a water main break occurs every two minutes. Every day, Americans make 178 million trips across structurally deficient bridges.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework will create hundreds of thousands of good family-supporting jobs and rebuild our infrastructure to the world-class standards we deserve.

As a union member of the Laborers' International Union of North America, I urge you to quickly vote in favor of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework. It will mean good middle-class jobs for me and my brothers and sisters in the trades and it will help our nation's economy.

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