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Stop the Bad-Faith Bargaining and End the Strike

  • Christina Deardeuff
  • Eric Desveaux

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Stop the Bad-Faith Bargaining and End the Strike

Dear [Decision Maker],

Since July, unionized military barbers have been on an unfair labor practice strike at Fort Lee. In that time, calls have been made and horns have been honked in support of the striking barbers. I support the barbers on strike, and Sheffield Barbers needs to put an end to the strike by negotiating in good-faith with the barbers.

If Sheffield Barbers had negotiated in good faith with the barbers' union, this strike could have been avoided. Sheffield Barbers has instead tried to bypass the union and negotiate with individual barbers and bring in replacement barbers, which has led the union to now file three ULPs against Sheffield Barbers.

Many of the barbers have worked here for years and love what they do. It is wrong to bring in replacement barbers instead of paying the military barbers who have dedicated years to the job a fair wage. The military barbers are making a reasonable request: pay a rate based off the current posted haircut price instead of a lower, outdated posted price.

The strike does not need to go into another week. Sheffield Barbers needs to negotiate in good faith with the unionized barbers, and they need to do it now.

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