Barktober Fest Fundraising Tool Kit Be A Hero for pets in need

 Because of you, pets in need will get the second chance they deserve. Keep up the great work by fundraising to help even more homeless and abused animals in need of shelter, veterinary services, and compassionate care. Every dollar you raise goes toward creating happier, healthier lives for animals in our community.

Let's get started! Here are some tips to help you raise essential dollars for pets in need.

Fundraising Ideas

Start early.

The sooner you start asking for donations, the more time you will have to meet your fundraising goal. Create a Facebook Fundraiser to make it as easy as possible for your friends and family to help support your goal! Learn more and start your fundraiser here.

Set a goal.

Let your friends and family know how much you are hoping to raise for pets in need! Setting a goal will give you something to aim for, especially if you're hoping to get our awesome fundraising incentives. And if your fundraising is really successful, you may approach your goal early-on and consider increasing it!

Make a personal donation.

Be the first to show your circle of friends and family just how much you care for pets in need. Even a donation of $10 can get the ball rolling, and will help encourage others to support your cause.

 Let's Get Social -2019.jpg

Get social.

Social media is a great tool for fundraising! We have some fun graphics to help you get the word out. Change the cover photo on your Facebook page or fundraiser page, or use one of our many post badges to help get support from your friends. There are lots to choose from! Check them out today.


Let friends and family know they can support your fundraising goal.

Make sure your friends and family know to donate on your behalf. Make sure your friends and family know to donate on your behalf. When they search for your name on the Walk for the Animals at Barktober Fest site their donation will go towards your fundraising goal!

Create a Facebook Fundraiser 

Perhaps the easiest way to fundraise for pets in need is to create a Facebook fundraiser! The dollars you raise through Facebook will be reflected in your participant center and will count towards your overall goal. You can invite family and friends to your fundraiser page, update the photos and description to express why you're passionate about raising funds for homeless and abused pets in our community. Click here.

Send emails.

Sending emails is a great way to get your message out to friends and family. Share a story about why you love Lollypop Farm or how a pet has touched your heart. Don't forget to share a direct link to your fundraising page! Need help getting started? Log in and click on the Participant Center button for some prewritten emails you can personalize and send.

Ask employers.

Many companies match employee donations. Check with your employer and ask your donors if their company will match their gift and help twice as many pets in need!


Encourage Family and Friends

Encourage your friends, family members, and coworkers to support your cause! 

Start a FB Fundraiser.jpg

Create a Facebook fundraiser to encourage your friends and family to support homeless and abused pets in our community! The funds you raise on Facebook will appear in your Participant Center, and will directly benefit Rochester's pets in need.