The Great Bake

Fundraising Tips & Tricks

1. How do I set a fundraising goal?

Start by doing some simple math:
1) How much do you want to raise?
2) How much can you bake?

For example, if you want to raise $500, you might think of it like this:
20 donors @ $25 each = $500     -- OR --
10 donors @ $25 each and 5 donors at $50 each = $500

This makes setting an ambitious goal more attainable.

Heck if your pies are outta this world and you can bake 50 of them, ask for $100 donation from each donor…that’s $5,000!

Hint: For special or top "customers", consider unique packaging or a personalized note.

2. Choosing what to bake

Your home baked goods are premium items and should garner top dollar!  Suggested donation values are between $25 and $250 dollars – or customers can choose a custom amount. It’s up to you to choose what to bake and how much you will deliver per donation.

Keep it simple! Giving makes people feel great and your friends, family and neighbors will get to enjoy your delicious treats as a thank you for their contribution to curing cancer.

3. Tell everyone you are baking to cure cancer

Tell your friends, family and neighbors you are raising money for cancer research and invite them to make a contribution for some home-baked deliciousness. Think of people who appreciate your creativity and baking. Establish a feeling of anticipation by sending photos of your test batches and update your status often. Be creative, have fun and stay connected! It’s OK to send a few reminders – we all appreciate them!

4. Get Organized

Familiarize yourself with your Personal Fundraising Center and your Baker’s Kit. Download great promotional tools in the Downloadable Resources section of the website. Be sure to customize your Personal Fundraising Page with personal stories and pictures showing off why you are involved and share, share, share!