2020 New York Lymphoma Walk



Thank you for joining Team Poppy Allan & I really hope you will have the chance to join us this year in our virtual online RALLY FOR A CURE on Saturday June 6th between 10 & 11 am

November will be 11 years since Poppy Allan lost his battle. Those that knew him, remember him as a competitor, a great saleman & most of all a 'Poppy'!  He truly believed there was nothing he couldn't overcome - including those 'little bastards' which is what he called those cancer cells, as he never uttered the words cancer in the presence of his friends or family.

He left Robin & I with great memories & instilled in us the value of family. We were all so fortunate that he was able to share with us & all his grandchildren, together with the guidance of our incredible mom - Nanny Addie, his good fortune & glass always 1/2 filled view of life!

Every year, more than 80,000 people are diagnosed with lymphoma – that means every seven minutes, someone in the United States receives a lymphoma diagnosis. Today, more than 700,000 people are currently living with this disease. So it has been my goal each year to raise monies specific to the eradication of Lymphoma - and while there are so many worthy charities, this cancer takes way too many people well before their time. And research shows that while the cure is not quite there, rapid medical advancements have successfully extended the lives of our family, friends & acquaintances.

So thanks for your support & I look forward to you being able to join us for the online Rally for a Cure on Saturday June 6th at 10AM

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