WALK for Lupus Ontario 2024

You can still donate!ננ'oe
You can still donate!ננ'oe

Northern Heros

Hello ! My name is Nicole. I am a 44Year old woman who battles Lupus. Lupus if you aren't aware of Lupus. Lupus is a silent disease where it affects many All people (Men, Women, Children) in many ways, and in some cases not always the same ways. We all have different experiences with Our Lupus fight. This walk is to remember the ones who fought the battle, pray for the ones who are battleling it now and hopeful for the future. We started this walk as a Elaine Lahti Gareau  memorial walk. Elaine was one of many faces who started our voices with Linda Ethier  with a support grou in the north. Let's continue our voices to be heard allover the North.
May 10th is a dedicated World Lupus Day, and we ask that you Join The City of Greater Sudbury and Lupus Ontario to bring more awareness to this cause so that we here in the north can have our voices heard.

To all the warriors that fought and are still fighting this battle we thank you, and we will always be a continuing source of support!

Together we can conquer lupus.
Join me on my WALK for Lupus Ontario journey.
There are several ways you can help out, and join my team.
You can make a donation, join me at the Walk, or help me by sharing my link to my donation page.
We can make a difference. Be a part of something big and take the steps to someday find a way to live a Life without Lupus.

For more information about lupus, please visit www.lupusontario.org

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