WALK for Lupus Ontario 2024


Hello TeamSunita, 14 years is how long I have been dealing with this horrible autoimmune disease and its all becuade of your support that I'm still able to keep going. There has been ups and downs and most of you know my story.
Thank you for making it here and for your donations.
I am Blessed for sure!

Together we can conquer lupus.  Join my Team for our Walk for Lupus Ontario journey.  You can make a donation, join me at the Walk, help me by sharing our team link to our donation page or by joining our team.  We can make a difference.  Be a part of something big and take the steps to someday find a way to live a Life Without Lupus. ​
For more information about lupus, please visit www.lupusontario.org.  

For more information about Walk for Lupus Ontario please visit www.walkforlupusontario.org.
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