WALK for Lupus Ontario 2024

Team Panda

  • I lost my beautiful friend Asma Ali to Lupus on May 2nd, 2024. Asma was one of the strongest girls I knew. She got diagnosed at 14 and passed away at 20. Asma was in the ICU before and once again in January 2023, and she lost her ability to walk long distances like me, and we became wheelchair buddies. Asma was hospitalized for months and yet never once lost her smile. She sat in her room at Toronto General and made us matching bracelets. Asma taught me what it means to be patient and a good person because I cannot to this day be half as good and kind as she was through this illness.

    After finally being released, she once texted me that she was scared about an x ray, and so I went with her, and even through that she was all smiles. She was kind to me even when she was connected to a dialysis machine, which she had to be three times a week but she never, ever complained. She was always hopeful.

    She told me in December when I saw her last - the x ray appt - about how much me being there and in her life meant to her. I will never forgive myself for forgetting to wish her a happy birthday this year - I seem to forget everything.

    Asma found me when I needed it most - she listened to my body pain rants and was the only person who understood. She knew what it was to love other people selflessly.

    She loved pandas. And when she couldn't come to my M&G and I went and met her instead, she was in a panda hoodie.

    I hope she is cuddling all the pandas in heaven. I hope Allah has given her everything she wanted but could not have in this world.

    This loss will stick with me forever. But if one person reads this and is inspired by this beautiful girl to be kinder, I have done my job.

    Lupus is an awful disease. And Asma fought against it valiantly. In the end, she passed away but not without inspiring me, her friends, her family, her fiancee, and now you - for the REST of our lives.


    (a lupus fighter)

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