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At Mary’s Center, we care for all because everyone deserves to be healthy and to have the chance to realize their potential. We want our families to have the opportunity to set their own path of success and build a brighter and stable future for themselves. When families thrive, communities prosper.

Just as quality healthcare, social support and education are powerful keys to escaping poverty, gifts to our Champions Monthly Giving Program are essential to sustain the mission and keep Mary’s Center poised and ready to address the myriad of challenges facing our region’s families.  Your monthly donation provides regular and sustained funds that we can transform into immediate action. With your ongoing support, we can work with families to build a foundation for a better life. 

By becoming a Champion, you will join a special group of people that is building healthy and stable communities. Your monthly gift will support the services and programs that make a lasting impact in the lives of over 36,000 people in need throughout our region, who will turn to Mary’s Center in 2016 to get the services they need to live a full and healthy life. 

Benefits of becoming a Champion

  • It’s vital.  Your ongoing gift provides a consistent source of support for Mary’s Center innovative programs. 
  • It adds up. For the same price of your Netflix subscription or gym membership, over the span of a year you can pay for dental exam for a child who has never been to the dentist or a job training for an adult seeking financial security. 
  • It’s fun! As a special member of the Mary’s Center family, you will be invited to special donor appreciation events. 
  • It is flexible and secure.  You have the ability to manage your pledge whenever you wish.
  • It is cost effective and convenient.  Automatic donations are processed more efficiently and you will receive one, consolidated tax receipt for your donations each January.

 Become a Champion today! 

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