Forming a Team is a great way to super-size your impact on the success of our fundraiser! Your contribution of time and energy is greatly appreciated.

What is a Team? A Team is a group of two to ten people who raise individual pledges for our Dog Walk that are then reflected in their group's total. Teams are encouraged to raise a minimum of $100 in pledges. Have some fun and gather your friends, family, or co-workers to form a Team and walk together! *Team members walking with a dog must individually raise or donate a minimum of $25 in order to gain admittance to the event*

How do you form a Team? Each Team is led by a Team Captain. The Team Captain is responsible for registering the Team and making sure all Team members sign up through the website. You can start a Team by clicking here. When you recruit other Team members, they can also register online and join your Team. If members of your Team would prefer to register on paper, please have them indicate your Team name on their registration form.

Why form a Team? IT'S FUN! Each Team gets to create a unique name and their own personalized fundraising web page. You can really show your SPCA and Team Spirit with a group of like-minded friends. Each Team is also eligible to win valuable prizes. Last year's winning Team raised over $800!


As a Team Captain, your primary responsibility is to recruit and rally your Team to collect pledges.

  • Organize a group of friends, family & co-workers into a Team.
  • Give your Team a Team Name 
  • Register your Team online and make sure each team member pre-registers before the Walk, either online or on paper.
  • Encourage all Team members to set up their own fundraising web page and start collecting pledges on your Team's behalf.
  • Rally your team. Keep in touch with Team members; call or get together to discuss how it's going. Remember to HAVE FUN!
  • Turn in Team pledges. Make sure all Team members submit their completed pledge forms (for paper pledges) to the MCSPCA no later than April 26th at NOON sharp. Pledges collected after that time are welcome but will not count toward Team or Individual fundraising totals. Please ensure that pledge forms are clearly marked with your Team name or they will not count toward the Team total.
  • Your Team will be able to walk together as a group on Saturday, April, 27th. Pick a time to meet at the Walk. Check in at registration; then head to the start line together!

Who do you get to join your Team? Friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, club members, Boy Scout or Girl Scout troops, church members, just about anyone who cares about animals!

Some recruiting tips:

  • Spread the word verbally and on social media
  • Get on the agenda at staff, club, or neighborhood meetings
  • Utilize existing groups or teams that gather for business, fitness or social activities
  • Display information and sign-up sheets in highly visible areas
  • Ask anyone you know who has pets w Set up recruitment in the lunch room at work
  • Post a "Look Who's Walking" sheet
  • Use your imagination! Making the most of Teams is only limited by your creativity.

Rally your Team!

The most popular way to unite a Team is with t-shirts, banners, hats, pins, etc.

Here are some tips to make a great Team shirt:

  1. Be Creative! The more unique, the more your Team will want to wear it.
  2. Stand Out! The best shirts are bright and colorful.
  3. Tell your Story! Include photos and names.