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ABC Program
ABC Program

Advanced Breast Cancer Program

Why We're Fundraising for the Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC) Program at MD Anderson 

The Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC) Program is uniquely situated to set the standard for care of patients with ABC as it was created by patients for patients. Advanced breast cancer (ABC), also known as metastatic breast cancer (MBC) or stage IV, spreads beyond the breast to other organs in the body, most often, the bones, liver, lungs or brain. The ABC Program is guided by a multidisciplinary steering committee in which patient advocates are a major voice.It was the conviction of a group of patients and advocates who dreamed of developing a specific program for patients with ABC. With the help of faculty and staff at MD Anderson and hundreds of donors, the program came to fruition and is now improving the lives of patients with ABC. 


The ABC Program provides integrated care for patients by combining the ABC Clinic and the vast resources of MD Anderson. The ABC Clinic offers emotional support, personalized nurse practitioner navigator, increased access to clinical trials and specialty clinics, tailored patient education, personalized treatment, innovative care projects and quality-of-life protocols. 


As part of Breast Medical Oncology, our vision is to represent the voice of the patients and be a patient-driven model of best practices. We will provide multidimensional treatment and psychosocial support for the highest level of timely, comprehensive care to positively impact the quantity and quality of life to create the healthiest life possible for all MD Anderson patients living with ABC.  


Join us in making a tremendous difference in the lives of patients with ABC by supporting innovative patient care, support, and education. For more information, please contact the ABC Program at  

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