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A Walk for Alyssa

Your gift supports children, adults and families affected by mitochondrial disease!


  In November 2014, our daughter Alyssa was healthy and active. She loved playing sports, including running, swimming, surfing, and skateboarding. She especially enjoyed hanging out with the boys because they didn’t treat her like a girly-girl. But in December 2014, everything changed. Alyssa started having more headaches, was tired all the time, and had pains in her hips and knees. Her appetite and the joy she brought to everyone decreased as her pain increased. Alyssa saw several doctors who diagnosed her with different things, including chronic fatigue syndrome. As Alyssa’s health continued to deteriorate, we continued to search for answers. We found an amazing neurologist who promised not to give up on our daughter. He kept true to his word, ordering every possible test -- from MRIs to blood tests to EEGs -- with still no answers. On June 18, 2015, we went back for a visit only to again get no answers. He told us there was one last test he could do – genetic testing -- and he was sure it would lead to an answer. Even though insurance wouldn’t pay for it, we proceeded. On Aug. 12, 2015, the doctor gave us the diagnosis of a mitochondrial disease. She has a rare form of it. He prescribed her a “Mito Cocktail,” which consists of prescribed medicines and vitamins. We went home and started researching “Mito.” To our surprise, not only is Mito a rare disease, but there is not a lot of government funding for it. Please support our efforts to raise money for mitochondrial disease!


Thank you!

The DeLotte family and MitoAction

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