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"My conclusion on how to increase our intake of fresh organic produce was to put my blender to better daily use for juices and smoothies. My aim was to try and make a different drink 7 days a week, as a supplement to our regular meals. While thinking about where to draw inspiration for recipes that would also go down well with my family, I decided to reach out to the blogging community for help. The response was overwhelming.

This book catalogs that response and draws all of the fantastic recipes, tips and tricks into one place. Each page tells a unique story from across North America. Who would ever have thought that I'd get my kids drinking spinach and kale in their breakfast smoothies? Not me -- that's for sure."

Not only does this book provide you with great inspiration to help increase your intake of great healthy produce, but it also benefits others. Proceeds from the sale of this e-book go to MitoAction.

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D-tox Smoothie Ebook
Enjoy this collection of over 40 tips and recipes for smoothies, juices and soups that help you eat fresh and D-tox your life!

$10 Suggested Donation. 100% of book proceeds benefit MitoAction