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Bento Box (Square)

These bento boxes are stackable and are composed of a tray and insert. The insert is red (rust color) with black accent and features a sleek molded lacquer-like finish. It has partitions to separate the food.

The lower outside tray is black with a woodgrain finish. It can also be used alone as a small tray. The lid is black woodgrain finish with red accent.

The lid is sold separately.

Bento boxes are frequently used in Japanese restaurants and at-home parties to present individual servings of a variety of foods.

HEIGHT: 2 1/4”inches WIDTH: 9 1/4” inches

Food Safe; Made in Japan.

Member Price: $22.50
Non-Member Price: $25.00

Lid :
Member Price: $6.30

Non-Member Price: $7.00

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