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Yamato Colony Book The Yamato Colony: Japanese Pioneers in Florida
Prepared By: The Staff of the Morikami Museum

In 1905 a handful of Japanese settlers established the pioneering Yamato Colony on Florida’s lower east coast. Named for the country of Japan itself, Yamato was located far from centers of Japanese population in the United States. Furthermore, the colony was created in a state that would remain an unlikely destination for Japanese well into the 20th century. While the colony lasted for only a couple of decades, its legacy lives on in the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, named for one of its settlers.

This book originated as a panel exhibit which was funded by the Florida Humanities Council. It tells the story of the Yamato Colony from the initial visit to Florida (by colony founder Jo Sakai) to the ouster of the remaining Japanese in 1942 to make way for the creation of an Army Air Corps training camp.

Readers will find out why distant Florida was chosen for the colony, what Jo Sakai hoped to accomplish with his grand economic and social experiment, and who the Yamato Colonists were and what happened to them, including museum benefactor George Sukeji Morikami.

Profusely Illustrated With Period Photographs, Many Hand-Colored.

Softcover, 20 pages

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