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Biwa Pearl Sterling Silver Bracelet
Biwa Pearl Sterling Silver Bracelet

In 1914, Japanese pearl farmers began culturing freshwater pearls using mussels native to Lake Biwa. This lake, the largest in Japan, lies near the city of Kyoto. This resulted in the name Biwa pearls (at one time, nearly synonymous with freshwater pearls). Today, pearls are admired and treasured possessions and gifts.

This white Biwa pearl bracelet features wonderfully matched, luminous pearls. The extra links and secure, easy-to-use toggle closure allow it to be adjustable and the perfect fit for any wrist size (approximately 9” long). Each bracelet is handmade and executed using the highest quality workmanship using .95 sterling silver.

Please note that each piece of jewelry may vary slightly due to the uniqueness of each pearl.

This item will be sent in a gift box.

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Non-Member Price: $325.00

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