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Our team will not be able to travel this year to serve with Mustard Seed Communities in Nicaragua due to the violence by the police and paramilitaries in that country. Our work will be here. Each week we will host a prayer meeting for the children of Mustard Seed and the nation of Nicaragua in our home. Our love and our prayers will be with the children, the staff and the wonderful people of this country. And we will continue to fund raise as much as we can as the need is ever greater to support these precious ones in the care of Mustard Seed Communities.

This work is also challenging; we cannot succeed without the prayers and financial support of our family, parishioners and friends. A gift - of any size - improves the lives of the residents at MSC.

Many of the residents will never get a chance to see the world. With your help, we will send a piece of the world to them. 

Thank you for your support, and please share our mission with others using the social links below! 

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