2021 Race for the Residents

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In Jamaica we say- Wa Gwan... this simply means how are you...howdy.

We have some great memories with our parish to Jamaica. Our staff, Fr. Tom, Pat Slater, Cathy Johnson and I have all accompanyed youth and families to experience this powerful immersion. The stories will forever enrich our lives. 

This virtual opportunity will give us a chance to Run Walk Pray with the residents, our sisters of brothers at Mustard Seed. Thank You Lord! 

Mustard Seed Communities provides lifelong and loving residential care to over 650 children and adults with disabilities around the world. Your gift allows MSC to carry out our mission as we serve the most vulnerable in Jamaica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. Thank you for joining us......

Matt Denton's Reflection:

Many Christ Our Light missionaries, including myself, have traveled to Jamaica to encounter the children living in their faith-based communities. Children who suffer from many diseases and have many forms of disabilities while having the amazing ability to love us who visit from outside the circle. The children welcome us with open arms on each mission immersion while we append so much prep time learning how to receive this spiritual love. The prayer at MSC, on every wall or vehicle, is- Thank You, Lord!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mission teams have not been able to visit with the children, and the organization has lost about $2 million in funds that would have been raised by these teams. Mustard Seed depends on mission teams to carry out its mission to serve the most vulnerable. Though the children may have been abandoned by their families, they have not been abandoned by God.

    My time in Jamaica reminded me of the power of putting others first.

 It reminded me of the inherent goodness of people, and how fragile life is. 

Mustard Seed gave me so much more than the dollar amount I raised to visit with our parish. 

I would recommend this trip to anyone trying to find God, yet feeling blinded by obligations and worn down by failures to meet them. However, this year, it simply is not possible. 

Mustard Seed is launching its Race for the Residents campaign as a form of virtual mission to support the workers and residents of the organization around the world. Below are some things we can do to support. I will be organizing with my college track team to see how to best assist. 

  • Pray for the residents and their caretakers.

  • Meet some of the residents/ staff - virtual event. 

  • Attend a faith session on Catholic Social Teaching. 

  • Support the campaign Walk Run Pray with us...

  • Attend virtual masses with Father Garvin.

  • Share the word with friends and family!

Thank You!

Matt, RCS, CCHS alum,  Haverford College

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