Savour: A Culinary Festival

Chef Heid Fink

On the menu: Vegetarian pad thai

Be inspired by the flavours of Thailand to make this easy to prepare rice noodle favourite. Learn about how to use tamarind, the proper preparation of rice noodles and the most delicious way to prepare tofu. Along the way, Chef Heidi will give vegan fish sauce substitutes, teach knife skills and you may even come away with a small bit of knowledge on the history of noodle dishes in Thailand.

About Chef Heidi

I have been passionate about food for as long as I remember. Food is universal: it connects in a way that very few other things can. A new food experience is often the first step to bridging to another culture. It is both a physical need and a spiritual one. Our food habits can change or reinforce a healthy agricultural system. Food is a cornerstone of our social, political and economic lives, but one that we often overlook the importance of. Plus, good food is SO delicious!

I am excited to share some possibly new ingredients and cooking techniques to the attendees of my class, and hopefully inspire them!

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