What is I Challenge MS?

Simply put, I Challenge MS is you. It's any personal activity, event or group gathering where you are making a difference and raising money for Canadians living with MS. Your challenge may be setting up a bake sale or coin drive in your community; it may be training for and running a marathon to collect pledges; it may be organizing a week long fundraising campaign at your workplace; or it might be crossing an item off your bucket list halfway around the world. No challenge is "small" when you are dedicating time, effort, and passion in the fight to end MS.

I Challenge MS is an online platform where you can access an incredible library of resources and tips, share updates about your Challenge, and easily gather secure donations. MS Society staff in your province are also here to help you plan, develop, and run your challenge.

If you require or are looking for insurance for your I Challenge MS campaign, click here.