MS Bike

Corporate Teams

From start to finish, MS Bike is the perfect way to introduce team building, wellness and a sense of social responsibility to your organization. Establishing a Corporate Team will bring staff together in a fun and fulfilling way.

Redefine what it means to be a community and business leader and register as an MS Bike Corporate Team.

Increase community visibility

Elevate your brand’s recognition and profile within the community

Engage employees

Enhance staff engagement and create a sense of unity and pride within your organization

Improve staff wellness

Improving the health and well-being of employees directly benefits your business

National Corporate Team Program

When your company has three or more Corporate Teams registered across two or more MS Bike events, you are considered a National Corporate Team and additionally receive:

you’re among strangers, but they’re not strangers, they’re family, just in a different way

For me, the feeling of community is what sets MS Bike apart from other cycling events. After my first ride, I immediately knew I'd be back. MS Bike is more than just a fundraiser and much more than an event it's a community all its own.” - James, cycles with the Windsor Mold Group corporate team.

Contact Meghan Thompson at to learn more about becoming a National Corporate Team.