Fundraising is great for team building and goal setting, and is a great way to make a difference in the lives of those with MS.

Consider what your goals are for participation and share with the community why you're participating in MS Read-A-Thon. Check out the MS Read-A-Thon Handbook for easy steps to personalize your schools' fundraising page.

Set a fundraising goal and track your students' progress with this MS Read-A-Thon fundraising hourglass.


Activities to make the READing in MS Read-A-Thon fun for everyone!

Check out this great list of ideas to encourage reading in your class or school!

Book Line-Up
Every time a student finishes a book have them write their name on a book shaped paper and post it in the hallway.  See how far your school's Book Line-Up can reach!

Teacher/Librarian Recommendations
Post signs in classrooms and libraries with book titles you recommend.

Reading Buddies or Book Clubs
Partner individual or groups of older students with younger ones and have them read to each other!

worm reading a book

Read Alerts
A motivational technique from the original MS Read-A-Thon in 1977:  Teachers, students and staff were to carry a book with them everywhere they went. When a read alert was announced over the P.A. system everyone had to stop what they were doing and read for the designated amount of time! 

Book Clubs
Ask your class or smaller groups of students to read the same book. Follow up with a group discussion on the book!

Author Fan Letter
Students can write a letter to their favorite author. They can tell them why they liked their book and about their success with MS Read-A-Thon!


Classroom Activities