MS Bike

Fundraising Tips

The money you raise through MS Bike funds important research that will not only find a cure for MS, but also improve the quality of life for Canadians living with MS. We’ve come a long way already just over 20 years ago, Canadians living with MS did not have any treatment options for their disease. Now there are 11 Health Canada approved disease-modifying therapies and a number of effective symptom management interventions that people living with MS can choose from.

As you fundraise for MS Bike, here are some tips to help you surpass your fundraising goal:

Make the first donation

Make the first donation yours. It’s an easy way to show your passion for the cause and inspire family, friends and colleagues to also make a generous donation.

Set a goal

By setting a higher goal, people will be more likely to give you larger donations when they can—and you will reach your fundraising goal easily. Track and share your progress with current and potential donors. Many people will donate a little bit more if they know you’re close to your goal.

Start early

Once you register, start your fundraising. The sooner you start asking, the more money you will raise. So start asking today!

Use the Participant Centre

Use your Participant Centre to fundraise online. Create your own personal fundraising page, request secure donations and track your progress. Login now!

Ask your top donors first

This will help set the standard of donations you receive. Consider your timing when asking (i.e. ask for a donation on, or shortly after, pay day).

Then ask everyone

Don’t be shy! Now that you’ve contacted your top donors, ask everyone. This is the number one tip given by our top fundraisers—and when we say everyone, we mean everyone! Be prepared to tell donors about MS and how their donations are put to good use.

Social media

Tell your story on social media! People who tell others why they’re cycling on social media are more successful in bringing in donations. Record a video about why you’re cycling and post it on social media. Post links and mention your personal fundraising page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc., and ask your friends, family and business network to donate. Get creative—it’s your story, and it’s your feed.

Organize a fundraising event

Do what you do best! Love to bake? Sell your baked goods in return for a donation. Throw a party for your friends and family, and ask guests to donate to your ride instead of bringing food or drink. Love sports? Organize a sports pool where a portion of the money goes towards your fundraising. If it’s something you enjoy doing, it will come naturally.

Join or form a team

Need to stay motivated? Join one of our open teams, or form your own team with coworkers, family and friends. There is more power and fun in numbers.

Thank your donors

Make sure to follow up and thank those who have helped you reach your fundraising goal! In addition to thanking them, send a post-event update to let your donors know how your ride went.