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Watch recordings of the 2020 MS Connect Conference research sessions on-demand! Click each topic to learn more and to watch the session.

Building on progress in MS research - a multi-discipline effort | Dr. Jack Antel

  • How to treat MS? - how to select immune-system directed therapies that maximize benefit and minimize risk; interventions that enhance function while living with MS.
  • What biologic mechanisms underlie MS progression? - can we protect the brain from ongoing injury and promote repair?

Promoting neuroplasticity and restoration of function in multiple sclerosis | Dr. Michelle Ploughman
Exercise is good for brain health and repair of brain lesions | Dr. Wee Yong

  • Recognize lessons learned from stroke rehabilitation that can be applied in MS.
  • Discuss that a brain lesion in MS attempts to repair itself.
  • Provide experimental data that exercise promotes recovery of brain lesions.

Cognitive dysfunction in people with MS | Dr. Anthony Feinstein

  • To understand how computerized testing can make valid cognitive assessments more widely available.
  • To appreciate treatment options available for cognitive dysfunction.

In Conversation with Jon Strum and Dr. Jack Antel

  • How could artificial intelligence impact diagnosing and/or treating MS?
  • What could the role of tele-medicine be in treating people living with MS post-pandemic?

Menu, metabolism and microbiome in MS: news and research advances | Dr. Catherine Larochelle

  • Review recent data on the impact of diet, the microbiome and metabolism on immune cells in MS.
  • Discuss Vitamin D in relation to the microbiome.

MS fatigue management: state of the science | Dr. Marcia Finlayson

  • Fatigue management: Evidence and approaches based on what we currently know
  • New directions for fatigue management research

What works for me? Turning evidence into practical solutions for everyday life | Young Adult Panel Session

  • What are anti-inflammatory dietary patterns?
  • What types of exercise are best and finding what works for you

Living Well with MS | Panel Discussion

  • What are some of the biggest challenges facing the MS community and how do we overcome them?
  • What should be done to reduce spasticity?