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Who do you walk for?

Who do you walk for?
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In 2018, MS Walks from coast to coast raised $8 million thanks to the support of 31,000 donors, participants and volunteers.

MS Walk brings more than 30,000 incredible Canadians

Every spring, 30,000 of our family members and friends raise funds and participate in MS Walk. Together let’s take a stand against multiple sclerosis and show our support to those who are affected by this unpredictable, often disabling disease. Learn more about how you can make an impact in your community when you join MS Walk.

IThe MS Walk is one way I am fighting against this disease

“I’m a mom, wife, business owner and a volunteer things don’t just stop when you receive a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The MS Walk is one way I am fighting against this disease, and on walk day, surrounded by family and friends, it’s moving to see I am not in this fight alone.”

- Samara, Toronto MS Walk

Your impact

Your commitment will help boldly define what’s next in MS research and services for Canadians affected by multiple sclerosis. The money you raise will support:

Leading-edge research

With the first disease-modifying therapy for primary progressive MS (PPMS) announced in 2018, we’re on the cusp of breakthrough discoveries.
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Discovering answers

MS progression is unique for each person, making it difficult to predict. It’s time to answer key questions, including why do certain individual progress and not others?
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Advocacy for accessible and low-cost treatments

People living with MS should have equal and timely access to treatments that are best suited for their health, and not their financial circumstances.
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The MS Knowledge Network

Canadians affected by MS can now access a hub of knowledge where MS Navigators will provide consistent, quality information and support tailored to their unique situation.
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Team up with your friends and family and take the big step to end MS together.



Join MS Walk as a corporate team and energize your employees with an inspiring team building and community engagement event.

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