WAMS Gala Luncheon May 25, 2018 Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

WAMS Cabinet

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Amber Davis

Amber Davis“I wanted to be a part of this event because MS affects people that I care about and I wanted to do my part because I can. Canada has a significantly high rate of MS and it affects more women than men. More research is needed to help everyone living with MS.”

Ellen Snook

Ellen SnookThis cause is so near and dear to my heart, and I couldn’t think of a better event to contribute to. The power women have when we join forces is phenomenal to see and experience. Bringing awareness to MS is so important and this lunch is such an amazing way to spread the word!

Candice Colwell

Candice Colwell“I know that research into the cause and cure for MS matters. I have MS and I have benefitted from new and advanced medications that have been the result of years of research. WAMS allows me and other women to give back and to help in the quest to end MS.”

Megan Kennedy

Megan Kennedy