I've signed up, what now?

So you've signed up to participate in MS Read-A-Thon, thank you! Now it's time to get reading and start collecting donations. Here's all you need to know about participating in MS Read-A-Thon.

Thank you - all of the donations you collect and the minutes you read will help raise money for people with multiple sclerosis!

Tips for collecting pledges

Top 10 fundraising tips from successful MS Read-A-Thon participants:

1 Talk to friends and family soon after the MS Read-A-Thon assembly and explain what you are doing for people with MS. Ask politely if they would like to donate to you.
2 Make a list of all the adults you know.
3 Make a self-donation when you register to show your donors that you believe in yourself.
4 Write down one thing you learned about MS and tell it to your friends and family.
5 Decide how many minutes you think you can read for MS Read-A-Thon, and tell your donors.
6 Write a short note to friends and family to explain why you're participating in MS Read-A-Thon and why you need donations.
7 Ask your parents or guardians to take your Donation Tracking Sheet to their work.
8 Call grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles from near and far - it's easy to donate online!
9 Take your Donation Tracking Sheet with you wherever you go.
10 Smile and feel good about what you are doing for people who have MS.


What kind of books should I read? The books you read can be about anything that interests you: sports, mysteries, wizards, etc. You can read magazines or stories online as well.

Where do I get the books? From home, your school or your local library.

How many books should I read? As many as you can!

What if I read enough minutes to fill the hourglass? First of all, congratulate yourself on a job well done! Then you can put the total number of minutes you read on the Minute Tracking Sheet.

Who should I ask for donations? Go to people you know: parents, friends, neighbours, relatives. Do not approach strangers or go door-to-door.

How many donors should I get? As many as you can!

stack of books

How is the money used? The money that is raised through MS Read-A-Thon will go towards research and providing services to people who have MS.