Early Bird School Registration Incentives

Participate in MS Read-A-Thon. Get your students excited about reading!

MS Read-A-Thon brings together students across Canada through the power of reading, as they unite to fundraise to end multiple sclerosis. Since 1977, over 5 million students have read over 20 million books and raised over $40 million dollars for MS research and services.

MS Read-A-Thon promotes reading skills that will last a lifetime.  It teaches children about multiple sclerosis and the importance of giving back to the community. Your students will get excited about reading and learning about their power to help others and make a difference in their communities.


Friends of MS Read-A-Thon

There are lots of cool kids, teachers and other supporters who are making a difference through MS Read-A-Thon. Do you have a story or photos you want to share with us? Send them to rat@mssociety.ca.