MS Walk

Why Walk?

Canada has one of the highest rates of MS diagnoses in the world. Women are three times more likely to be diagnosed with MS than men.

Every year, families, friends, co-workers and community members gather together at MS Walk to take a stand against this disease. Together we are building a better future for people affected by MS.


“MS Walk is a place where people affected by MS can be comfortable and surround themselves with a community of like minded people, who’re fundraising to find a cure for all of us living with MS. Who knows, at the rate that MS research is advancing, we may find more answers sooner than we think. I walk because I believe we will find a cure.” - Kim, Port Alberni

Money raised by MS Walk participants fund leading-edge research and important support programs. Joining your local MS Walk means keeping the momentum going and showing support to people who live with MS in your community.

Your impact

The current health crisis has impacted all Canadians, and the need for information, resources and support programs for people affected by MS is as urgent and critical as ever. The money you raise will provide the support people need right now and ensure that the ground-breaking MS research being done continues into the future.

Leading-edge research

With the first disease-modifying therapy for primary progressive MS (PPMS) announced in 2018, we’re on the cusp of breakthrough discoveries.
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Discovering answers

MS progression is unique for each person, making it difficult to predict. It’s time to answer key questions, including why do certain individual progress and not others?
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Advocacy for accessible and low-cost treatments

People living with MS should have equal and timely access to treatments that are best suited for their health, and not their financial circumstances.
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The MS Knowledge Network

Canadians affected by MS can now access a hub of knowledge where MS Navigators will provide consistent, quality information and support tailored to their unique situation.
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