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Frequently Asked Questions

MS Connect

1. I need support completing the registration process.

If you need support completing the registration process or would like to register over the phone, please contact the MS Knowledge Network at 1-844-859-6789 and speak to an MS Navigator.

2. Do I need to have a computer to watch the sessions?

You can watch all the sessions using a computer or tablet. We do also offer the option to call and listen to the sessions live. Call-in information will be shared closer to the Conference date.

3. I didn’t receive an email confirmation. Did my registration go through?

You will receive an email confirmation with your conference viewing link after your registration is complete. Please check your junk or spam folder to see if this email appears there. If you have not received an email confirmation, please complete the registration process again.

4. Can I register after the conference begins on November 23?

Yes, registration will be open until Friday, November 27 at 11:59pm so you can register to watch sessions at any time during the conference.

5. I can’t attend all the sessions; will they be recorded?

Yes, all Research Sessions will be recorded and made available on our website within 24 hours of the scheduled session. Please note that the Social Engagement Sessions will not be recorded and are only available at their scheduled time.

6. Can I participate anonymously?

You can watch all Research Sessions anonymously, however if you participate in the chat box during a live information session your first name will appear publicly. If you would like to remain anonymous, we recommend not using the chat box feature or watching the session recordings when they are made available.

If you participate in a Social Engagement Session your name information will appear publicly. If you would like to remain anonymous, we recommend changing your name to “Anonymous” using these steps.

7. How can I connect with other people affected by MS?

Connect with members of the MS community by attending one of our scheduled Social Engagement Sessions. In our social sessions you can choose to talk to other community members by chat function, video or phone.

Check out our schedule to find a Social Engagement Session for you.

8. How can I connect with MS researchers during the event?

Connect with MS researchers by attending their research presentation. Following each presentation there will be a live Q&A with researchers, where you can ask questions by chat function, video or phone.

9. How can I connect with the trainees presenting posters during the event?

Visit our Virtual Research Poster Session to read about the work of up-and-coming MS researchers

10. How can I connect with vendors during the event?

Connect with vendors by viewing their information at the Vendor Fair. Each vendor will share information on how you can speak with them directly. Some vendors will provide a live chat, an email, phone number, or host a live session of their own during the conference.

11. Can I share my conference viewing link with someone else?

No, the conference viewing link you received in your email is unique to you. If someone you know would also like to watch the conference, please share the registration link below.

12. How do I access each day’s session?

After completing your registration, you will have received a confirmation email that contained your conference viewing link. This link is active for you to attend any session and you simply click the link at the time of the session. Check out the conference schedule to find session times.

If you did not receive a registration confirmation email, please check your junk or spam folder.

13. Is there a cost?

This year’s MS Connect Conference is free for anyone to attend. Register today.

14. Is the conference available in French as well?

Yes, the MS Connect Conference is available in French as well. To watch the conference in French, please register here. Recordings of sessions will be available in both languages after they are presented.