MS Bike

Fundraising Rewards

When you fundraise for MS Bike, we want to reward your hard work with a bike kit that is sure to turn heads on the road. Wear it with pride and easily spot other MS Bike participants out in the wild!

Our MS Bike jersey and shorts have a new design every year and give you well-deserved recognition for your amazing fundraising. They are made of high-performance materials that will propel you forward as if you were lighter than air (results may vary).

500 Club T Shirt
1000 Club Jersey
2000 Club Shorts

2021 Fundraising Structure

Fundraising Level Incentive
$500 - $999 MS Bike T Shirt
$1,000+ MS Bike Jersey
$2,000+ MS Bike Shorts
$12,500+ Tour of Champions Invitation

MS Bike participants who raise $12,500+ will have the opportunity to join other top fundraisers from across Canada to participate in a Tour of Champions event.

$12,500+ Invitation for participant to attend Tour of Champions

Reward details

Wondering where to mail in your donations?

If you are mailing in your donations, please send them to the secure address listed below. Be sure to specify which MS Bike you are donating to on the front of the envelope. In order to ensure our records are accurate, please make sure the details for the cyclist and the donors are clearly identified and legible.

Attn: Toronto MS Bike
500-250 Dundas St. W.
Toronto, ON M5T 2Z5

For security purposes, please do not send cash in the mail.