WAMS Gala Luncheon May 25, 2018 Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

Impact Speaker

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Rowan Balchen

Rowan BalchenRowan's father was diagnosed with Progressive MS when she was just a baby. When she was younger she didn't notice the disease, he would run around with her, carry her on his shoulders, go biking with his friends, and mow the lawn. However, as time went on she noticed him holding walls while walking, as well as limping. When Rowan was in grade three her parents explained her father had a neurological disease called MS which was causing him to limp. Little did Rowan know her father's symptoms would get worse, and he would eventually require the use of a wheelchair full time.

Rowan has seen the effects of MS throughout her entire life. She is inspired by her father's perseverance, working at deep water aquacise and yoga to strengthen himself, altering his diet, making movies and music in his spare time, and going to work every day despite the disease.

Rowan's father is her best friend, the strongest person she knows, and her personal hero. She participates in MS Bike and fundraises to end MS.