This May, #TakeActionForMS

Show your support of the MS community by participating in our annual virtual carnation pinning on Wednesday, May 5!

May is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness Month – an opportunity to raise awareness about MS. Canada has one of the highest rates of MS in the world, and our collective involvement will lead us towards a world free of MS.

Show your support of the MS community by participating in our annual Virtual Carnation Pinning on Wednesday, May 5!

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May is MS Awareness Month, show your support for thousands of Canadians in the MS community and #TakeActionForMS by joining the Virtual Carnation Pinning @MSSocietyCanada

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Photo of Melanie

“I was 31 when I was diagnosed with MS, and my life has changed drastically in the past 18 years. Here I am, a 48-year-old woman, living in long-term care with residents whose average age is about 85. Living in a long-term care facility can often feel isolating, but COVID-19 has taken away even the small freedoms and liberties I once had,” says Melanie who lives with progressive MS. For people with MS who live in long-term care homes, social isolation and loneliness can sometimes be felt on a regular basis. For residents like Melanie, COVID-19 is another uncertain and unpredictable concern on top of an already challenging disease.

Despite the difficulties, I’m working to stay relatively positive for those around me who are having a tough time.” With your support during MS Awareness Month, we can let the MS community know they aren’t alone."

- Melanie Gaunt, diagnosed in 2003

Your Impact

The current health crisis has affected all Canadians, and the need for information, resources and support programs for people affected by MS is as urgent and crucial as ever.


Leading-edge research

There has been a surge in the development of treatments for MS over the last two decades. Currently there are over 15 disease-modifying therapies approved by Health Canada, with more coming down the pipeline.
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Discovering answers

MS progression is unique for each person, making it difficult to predict. It’s time to answer key questions, including why do certain individual progress and not others?
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#TakeActionForMS priorities

Canadians affected by MS need you to #TakeActionForMS. COVID-19 has amplified the challenges they already face, including employment and income security and barriers in accessing appropriate treatment, care, housing and social supports.
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The MS Knowledge Network

Canadians affected by MS can now access a hub of knowledge where MS Navigators will provide consistent, quality information and support tailored to their unique situation.
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MS Walk

In 2021, one community made up of tens of thousands of Canadians will walk forward together to show that no person living with multiple sclerosis is alone.
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