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Team MS GoldFish 2018
Team MS GoldFish 2018

MS GoldFish

Team MS GoldFish started with 2 of us doing the ride, then we told 2 friends ... you know how that goes.

We are a small group of long time friends with various connections to MS. We fundraise as a team to make it easier for our common pool of friends to focus on the cause rather than individuals. In the past we participated in the Rona MS Bike Vancouver City Scenic Tour on other teams. For me, as Team Captain, the 2 day ride in the Fraser Valley is a lovely week-end with friends, enjoying the terrain, and contemplating just how far research has progressed and thinking about the people I know who are living better with MS.

It's an opportunity to step out of our daily routine and do something to move the cause along.  Every little bit helps!

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