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Parcours virtuel

Parcours virtuel

29 août 2020

Event Details

Location: Your choice - rally with our virtual MS Community!

For more information, contact Andrea Veliz Garcia, Adjointe aux communications et aux événements: | 514-225-9553



Online Raised: $327,657.47

Online Goal: $550,000.00

Teams: 51
Cyclists: 280

We are excited to announce that this year, MS Bike is going virtual! You can go the distance and make a difference, from wherever you are! It’s easy, free and accessible!

How, when and where you choose to ride is completely up to you. Ride alone or with your family, wherever you want and at your own pace, from now until August 29 and raise money for the cause. We will be sharing our virtual routes in the coming weeks. On the Strava platform, you will be able to commit to riding your local MS Bike route on your own or to taking on a specific challenge with varying lengths all the way up to 7,117 km, the distance across Canada!

Download the Strava application to join social network of fellow athletes! By subscribing to our club MS Bike Vélo SP, you will be able to chat with other cyclists, comment on other publications by other members and challenge other cyclists from across the country. We are asking participants to share on their social media channels using the hashtag #MSBike to create a larger online community.

Register now, ride your bike and join us for a virtual evening on August 29, 2020 to celebrate your fundraising efforts!

Top Online Fundraisers


  1 -  Self Donor Lynda Archambault ($32,745.01)
  2 -  Self Donor Christiane Thouin ($29,755.30)
  3 -  Self Donor François Gravel ($13,785.00)
  4 -  Étienne Dubé ($11,605.00)
  5 -  Self Donor Jeannot Cormier ($8,020.00)
  6 -  Self Donor Daniel Lanteigne ($7,345.00)
  7 -  Rino Côté ($5,180.00)
  8 -  Self Donor Jocelyn Duchesne ($5,144.50)
  9 -  Self Donor Eric Laberge ($5,100.00)
  10 -  Self Donor François Côté ($4,890.00)


  1 -  Les Pédaliers de l'Avenir ($40,058.01)
  2 -  eSPrit SPortif ($38,695.30)
  3 -  Croix Bleue Medavie ($32,780.40)
  4 -  Vol-au-vent ($30,174.00)
  5 -  Misterlegou ($29,879.50)
  6 -  CSL Roulant ($12,475.00)
  7 -  Roule avant que ça rouille ($8,650.00)
  8 -  Énergir le Nouveau Gaz Métro ($8,572.98)
  9 -  Les tortues ($6,950.50)
  10 -  MSA ($6,557.50)