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2018 Loose Sprockets
2018 Loose Sprockets

Loose Sprockets

Welcome to the Loose Sprockets!

This team has been riding to end MS for over 11 years now (2021 is year 12). Sometimes we've been tiny, and sometimes we've been the biggest team at the New Brunswick ride, but we're always mighty! 

With a year of the pandemic behind us, we are looking to get back in the saddle and gear up to end MS!

This year, we are going to try to set up a team ride over the summer in the Oromocto area, respecting the NB COVID restrictions ... join us on July 24th for a ride along the river! We're hoping to offer two routes: 90 km for 90,000 Canadians living with MS; and 50 km for 50 years since CT scans were first used!

If you feel compelled to donate, click on a team member along the right side, and click on the "Donate Now" link on their personal page.

Thank you for supporting us as we challenge MS together.

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