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2019 Linda Life Savers - 10th. year Our largest Team, raised almost $30,000
2019 Linda Life Savers - 10th. year Our largest Team, raised almost $30,000

Linda's Life Savers


This is the 2nd. Year that the Pandemic is wreaking havoc world wide with death, sickness & the suffering for those who are afflicted with other life altering diseases!

Charities are thankful for the generosity of Canadians.

 MS – Multiple Sclerosis had to cancel all their MS Walks and MS BIKE Tours. Our Grand Bend to London in its 31th. Year annually raises 1.4 million with nearly 2,000 cyclists. Huge loss last year!

 MS is depending on a Virtual Bike Tour with participants connecting with their supporting Donors on social media with a Zero budget. The need is great with the support MS gives to the thousands who suffer daily, also supporting the research to find a cure.

This is my 13th. Year as a participant and our 12th. Year as a Team honouring my Cousin Linda who is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for nearly 30 years.

 Linda’s Life Savers,.Grand Bend to London
Community Event: Saturday, July 24
Canada-wide online Event: Saturday, September 18

Community event location: Throughout the Grand Bend to London communities
Canada-wide online Event: Anywhere you choose to challenge yourself

Our team raised (nearly)  $11,000 last year with 8 cyclist & I am very thankful to have raised over $3,000 – although we raised 60% more in 2019 - that was pre-pandemic!

 If you can donate this year, please do in any amount – it will be appreciated. Thank you for your morale support!



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