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2020 Team Pirate Ship
2020 Team Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship

It's Friday Night. You look at the weather forecast for the MS Bike tour tomorrow. Calls for cloudy periods with some showers, and a possibility of high winds. You're not feeling particularly well as it is, you're aching and don't particularly know why. You're hopeful that the rain that's falling tonight will get rid of all the rain that is supposed to fall tomorrow. You're hopeful but will take whatever tomorrow brings!

You arrive at the start, and luckily it's sunny and you're feeling pretty good. Your team is there to greet you and you're excited to start. You get on your bike and are hopeful for the day ahead. You start the day with a crowd cheering you on, and get to the first rest stop and decide to push on, you're still fine. Also, the sunny skies are getting cloudier, and you figure the sooner you get going the less time you'll have in the rain.

The rain starts at the second rest stop, but the smiling volunteers put some food in your belly and a smile on your face. Your butt and neck are a little sore, but you know that you still have quite a while to go. You get back on your bike, determined to get to lunch sooner rather than later, and that the rain stays light. 

By the time you get to the lunch stop, the wind has picked up, and it feels like you're biking into the wind no matter which way you're going. Your team is pushing you on, and most of you have managed to stick together. The spirits are high, the butts are sore, and the soup is warm and delicious. It's tough going, but you know that you can get through it with your team behind you.

You reach the last rest stop before olds, you're tired and sore, but know that it's not far till Olds. The rain stopped, but the wind has picked up, and you're forced to wait 30 minutes with a looming tornado warning. Your legs start to cramp, and you and your team sing Disney songs to keep your spirits up. 

The Tornado warning is lifted, although the wind is still wicked. These last 15 km are going to be the hardest, with your legs cramping, any respite from the wind is welcome whether it be a tree line on the side of the road, or riding behind a team mate. You finally cross the finish line to a team of cheering volunteers, and look forward to the beer gardens and dinner that you know are awaiting you. 

You relish the relief of finishing, and as you dance the night away, you know that you're getting up tomorrow to do it all over again, because we know that MS won't stop until we make it.


Team Pirate Ship began with a measly 2 crew members, grew to a thriving crew of 11, and every year members come and go but we will not rest until there is a cure for MS! We started this journey when our Captain was diagnosed with MS in 2011, and have been attempting to raise money ever since to try and find a cure! 

MS can be an incredibly debilitating diagnosis, but with the right support people living with MS are able to continue to fight! From diagnosis to treatment to just coping with MS, every step of the journey can be tough. With YOUR support, we can help those who really need it. Team Pirate Ship began as a family affair, and it continues to grow every year in the fight to end MS.

One of the hardest parts of dealing with MS is the unknown. It's been commented and talked about by every person with MS that I have heard or talked to. However year after year team Pirate Ship comes through and gives me hope for a future where I can live without MS.

Special shoutout to Meghan Keelan who started this epic journey back in 2011 when she signed up for the MS Bike Tour in an effort to support our captain who has MS! We couldn't do this ride without the support of everyone who donates, volunteers, or gives their support in every way! 

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