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Easy Riders - we have serious fun!
Easy Riders - we have serious fun!

Easy Riders

So here we are, gearing up for 2021 .... year two of virtual riding. We will keep the momentum of our Easy Rider Team in this, our 18th year of pedaling for the cause!
So thankyou for joining us in MS Bike Ride ... whether it is your 1st, 5th or 18th year riding with us we appreciate you! Our infamous team has proudly raised more than $190,000 over the years ... I’m thinking we can break the $200k mark!
So this year’s MS Bike Event will be another challenge ... as was last year .... we will work at having our own event.
We are unsure of what Dr Bonnie will allow come summer, but us Easy Riders will do what we can to raise awareness and some funds for MS and have fun doing just that!
We ride in this MS Event because we believe in a future without multiple sclerosis and with your help we can get there.
Together, we continue the fight towards our vision – a world free of MS.

Huge big THANK-YOU for your support!

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