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Wine Survivor - MSSC AB/NWT Div Staff Fundraiser

AB/NWT Division Leadership Circle WINE SURVIVOR

If you wish to purchase a Leadership Circle Passport:

  • Click "Join Team", then donate $50 to yourself. This $50 will get you automatically entered into the "game", entered into Wine Survivor (immunities and bottle of wine are extra) and you'll be treated to lunch on Friday**. 
  • **For those who live outside the Edmonton/Calgary offices and can't participate in the Last Chance Lunch, you will receive an extra immunity for your $10.

If you wish to forgo the Leadership Circle Passport, you can still participate in one or all of the following initiatives:

  • $25 buy in for "Game Day" on Tuesday the 27th where you are guaranteed a prize. Prizes range from $10 gift cards to $100 gift cards
  • $20 for Wine Survivor plus a bottle of wine, valued at $15-$20. Immunities can be purchased for $10 each (no limit to immunities)
  • $15 buy in for lunch for Friday the 30th.

** If you are outside of the Calgary and Edmonton offices and want to participate in the Wine Survivor, just send a quick note and she will gladly pick up a bottle for you, which you can pay her back at a later date. (Of course, if you are visiting the Edmonton or Calgary offices during this week, then please bring a bottle of wine with you).

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