MS Walk


Sunday, May 24

Event Details

Location: Your choice - rally with our virtual MS Community!
Opening ceremony: 12pm ET/9am PT. RSVP today!

For more information, contact: | 819 474-6556



Online Raised: $7,710.00

Online Goal: $22,000.00

Teams: 10
Walkers: 27

Eleven Canadians are diagnosed every day with multiple sclerosis. Our mission is to connect and empower the MS community and this May we are doing that virtually for MS Walk as #WeChallengeMS together. By participating in our virtual MS Walk you are helping provide the support those affected by MS need right now and ensure that research continues towards a world free of MS.

About MS Walk

MS Walk is a fundraising event bringing together people who have been directly or indirectly affected by multiple sclerosis and who are motivated and inspired to make a difference. On May 24, 2020, some 30,000 participants from all over Canada will cross the finish line with pride at having taken up the cause. Several teams consisting of parents, friends or colleagues will gather for this special day and walk a few kilometres after donating considerable sums to the MS Society to help fund MS research and the services for those living with the disease and their loved ones.

Each participant registered for MS Walk must have collected funds prior to the day of the event in order to support this movement aimed at ending multiple sclerosis. Every donation counts.

En 2018, 7.6 million dollars was raised across the country during the event. Each year, we call on as many people as possible to raise funds and to join us for the event. A festive and unifying family atmosphere awaits! Looking forward to seeing you on May 24, 2020!

MS Walk Profiles


Plan de travail 1@2x.png               donateur-mswalk-qc.png                mswalk-qc-team.png

A participant


A donor


A team


A participant is a person registered for the MS Walk who raises funds before the event.

The participant solicits donations from among their network in order to present the MS Society with as much money as possible to support those living with multiple sclerosis.

They take part in the event, during which they hand in the funds collected and walk to show their support for those touched by MS. 





A donor is a person who supports at least one participant's fundraising efforts for MS Walk. They are not registered for the event and do not participate. 

An official receipt is provided for all donations of $20 and over. 

If a donor wishes to participate in MS Walk, they must also register for the event and collect funds. They must submit the funds collected on the day of the event. 






A team consists of a group of participants. Individuals can join the team of their choice. 

Each team member must be individually registered and collect their own funds. Funds collected by a participant cannot be transferred to the team leader.

Each team member must have collect funds in order to access activities offered during MS Walk. 

A team can be made up of family members, work colleagues, or friends. There is no limit to the number of people allowed on a team nor to what it can accomplish. 




Honorary president

Président d’honneur« Je suis honoré d’être le président d’honneur de la Marche de l’espoir 2020 organisée par la Société canadienne de la sclérose en plaques, Section Centre-du-Québec.

Dès maintenant, je vous invite à vous inscrire et à vous joindre à mon équipe.

Au plaisir! »

Joignez-vous à mon équipe!


Top Online Fundraisers


  1 -  Andreanne Lefebvre ($1,840.00)
  2 -  Lise Chandonnet ($1,770.00)
  3 -  Sébastien Schneeberger ($1,100.00)
  4 -  Sophie Desroches ($565.00)
  5 -  Céline Thibault ($540.00)
  6 -  Claude Desroches ($525.00)
  7 -  Denis Chamberland ($350.00)
  8 -  Pierre Guillemette ($240.00)
  9 -  Marylène Boisjoli ($190.00)
  10 -  Rosaire Roy ($150.00)


  1 -  Les Rayons de Soleil à Céline ($4,150.00)
  2 -  L'Équipe Schneeberger ($1,270.00)
  3 -  Clinique vétérinaire de Victoriaville ($565.00)
  4 -  Team Mary ($540.00)
  5 -  Club Motard-Sp ($265.00)
  6 -  Clau2020 ($150.00)