MS Walk - MS Society of Canada


Sunday, May 30, 2021

Cash and cheque donation drop-offs

Cheques can be mailed to our MS Society National Office. Please send them to:

MS Society of Canada
500-250 Dundas St. W.
Toronto, ON M5T 2Z5

For more information, contact: | 1-888-822-8467



Online Raised: $3,068.50

Online Goal: $8,000.00

Teams: 3
Walkers: 7

Be sure to specify which MS Walk you are donating to on the front of the envelope (i.e. Attn: Toronto MS Walk). In order to ensure our records are accurate, please make sure participant and donor details are clearly identified and legible on the Donation Tracking Form.

For cash donations, please reach out to us at and we will provide you with instruction on how to get your donations to us.

Top Online Fundraisers


  1 -  Self Donor Raised $1000 Lindsey Durrer ($1,993.50)
  2 -  Raised $500 Jacqueline Waechter ($700.00)
  3 -  Self Donor Jack Bedard ($200.00)
  4 -  Self Donor Lee Fuller ($100.00)
  5 -  Self Donor Linda Powers ($75.00)
  6 -  PJ Lahey ($0.00)
  7 -  Alexandra McNairn ($0.00)


  1 -  Team Durrer ($1,993.50)
  2 -  JACQ's CREW ($700.00)

Provincial Sponsors

 Old Dutch Impact Canopy

Regional Sponsors

2019 Walk - Intrigue Media Regional Sponsor logo

Local Sponsors

Bruce Power