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Sarnia MS Walk

Alyssa's Allies

Please join my team to help raise money for MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Because of COVID-19 you can walk wherever you live on Sunday, May 30th it does not have to be in Sarnia! Or if you cannot walk feel free to donate!

In November, 2020 I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Multiple Sclerosis. 2018 was when my first symptoms started showing (urinary incontinence, balance issues, bowel incontinence, extreme fatigue, tripping, falling, numbness in my legs, debilitating lower back pain, recurring UTI’s etc). After months of my Grandma and I requesting MRI’s and further testing to my doctor, it took going to the emergency room and having a student doctor perform physical tests to finally be referred to a neurologist. October 2020 I finally got to see a neurologist who performed the same physical tests and sent me for a full body MRI immediately, as he could also tell there was something very wrong. The MRI’s came back showing lesions (scars) all down my spine and in my brain. There were so many that there wasn’t much room for more to form. After a spinal tap to rule out infection, I was diagnosed with MS. March 17th 2021 was my first time receiving treatment via intravenous infusion in London.

Although the treatment I received has been proven to be very effective for treating MS, there is ultimately no cure. But I am hopeful that we are close to finding one! Participating in this walk would mean so much to not only me but all others that have to live with this awful disease. Together let’s find a cure!

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