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Why we’re walking to end MS

Looking back, I realize that I already knew of friends battling MS but truly could not relate what they were going through. Like most people, I was standing outside their world looking in and thinking "..but you look fine and you act as if there is nothing really holding you back." Only now that I am in a similar world, do I see the folly of my own thoughts and words. I saw a meme that said "You don't get it till you get IT." No truer words have been spoken.

MS is a very personal battle for each person that has it. For some folks, you would never know that they have MS because their battle is not as visible, while others are using mobility devices to physically get them through the day. 

The #MSWarriors team captains are made up of 2 individuals that have the same type of MS but very different daily hurdles. We are tenacious, stubborn and true warriors in our fight against this disease. Please consider joining us for the virtual MS Walk May 30, 2021 as we help raise money for our cause.

Thank you from your Co-Captains,

Hana & Greg 


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