Halifax MS Walk

F.U.M.S | Smiths Cove squad | 2020
F.U.M.S | Smiths Cove squad | 2020


Why we’re walking to end MS:

Canada has one of the highest rates of MS in the world. Every day three more Canadians are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, an unpredictable illness that affects vision, balance, memory and mobility. We don’t know what causes MS and there is no cure.

Your support means Canadian families who are affected by this disease do not have to face MS alone.


A personal note (from Nat):

I was diagnosed with MS in 2016. I have been on many different medications, but since going on a new infusion drug I have been flare-up free since 2018!

Because of this, MS doesn't have physical impact on my daily life - but it does make me want to raise money for the MS Society of Canada. It's because of funding and research that I am able to manage this disease and hopefully prevent future damage. 

Any amount you can donate will go toward finding the cause / cure and will show your support for me and others living with MS in Canada. This year will be my [and team F.U.M.S'] fifth year participating in the MS Walk, and although it will be done virtually it is still exciting to see this community come together! By donating to F.U.M.S you become part of a great support system - thank you so much!

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