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Team Pamela

In 2004 Pamela lost the vision in one eye and became quite unsteady on her feet; she used a walker and cane for stability as well as a mobile scooter for transport. Pamela was diagnosed at 25 years of age with relapsing/remitting Multiple Sclerosis and was treated with the disease modifying drug, Copaxone [self injection] and she had the ccsvi, aka Liberation treatment [Dr. Zombone’s theory], at UBC hospital as part of a study.  Further, Pamela took physical fitness very seriously initially with the “Running Room” [until her “foot drop” caused her one fall too many]. She then continued at a Trev Lyndon fitness centre which includes the use of a “spin Bike,” various other conditioning exercises and yoga. She soon regained her sight, hung up her cane and walker and donated her scooter.

Today, Pamela has her main MS symptoms under control for the most part but still suffers from MS Fog and foot drop. Her MS Disease has been further complicated by a recent diagnosis with Celiac Disease and she has had to deal with it as well as her MS symptoms.

Pamela’s Hubby and Supporter in Chief

Team Captain Gordo

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