Team: Spicers - Boyer - Jackson - Bergeron
Cycling across Canada June to August 2019

It’s not over yet, we’ll keep our fundraising page until the end of November, but we would like to thank you for your support.

Our objective was to raise $100,000, which we surpassed due to the tremendous generosity we received, so we then changed it to $125,000 and now are proud to inform you that have exceeded $150,000.

To give you a perspective of our project and what a typical day looked like:

  • We drove the RV to Vancouver on June 1st it took us 4 days (4,800km)
  • Launched our project in Vancouver at our Spicers location on Saturday June 8th
  • Finished the project in Halifax on Saturday August 17th at the “Black Rock Beach” in the Halifax Harbor
  • We stopped at more than 45 campgrounds (13 were free to support MS).
  • We also had customer events at Spicers Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal. We had three “Ride A Leg” events in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. We also attended the biggest MS Bike Ride in Canada “Leduc to Camrose” (AB) with over 2,000 cyclists. It was amazing.

Typical day:

  • Wakeup at 6h00 – breakfast / solar cream / dressing / daily dedication through our media
  • Yvon and Marc departure 7h15-7h30 live on Facebook
  • RV leaving 60-90 minutes after and to meet 30-40km later (review route, snack, fill up bottles)
  • 2nd stop normally half way through our daily mileage for lunch (light lunch)
  • RV/Supporters were picking up groceries and preparing meals
  • 3rd stop was normally at the campground
  • Review emails, provide daily summary through our media, dinner and review next day route and campground.  Some played social games

Few Statistics

  • Coldest day we rode was 4 degrees Celsius for 4 hours in the shade (BC)
  • Toughest day was to ride 80km with a 30km/hr  face and side wind (AB)
  • Our longest ride was 185km, but it was a beautiful sunny day.
  • We biked 7,117Km
  • 41,358 meters of elevation / 40,872 meters of coming down and relax (not really in the Rockies)
  • 23.72km/h was our average speed
  • 6 bad days where the weather wasn’t cooperative out of 73
  • We were expecting to see more wild life but we only came across 2 moose, 5 deer, 8 coyotes, 6 bears (3 at Lake Louise Castle including one who was coming in our direction 😊) and 2 big wolves.

We had a lot of pleasure riding across Canada in support of MS.


Marc Boyer Yvon Jackson Michel Bergeron
Marc Boyer Yvon Jackson Michel Bergeron


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