Steps to a Cure

Team DPS

After a number of months of feeling unwell and countless medical tests and hospital visits, my mom Denise Picard-Stencer was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in June 2019.  We are learning more and more everyday about this little known type of blood cancer, and thankfully tremendous progress has been made over the last years with regards to treatment techniques and options.  Although there is currently no known cure for multiple myeloma, various options exist to slow down the development of the disease in the patient and offer supportive therapy, which minimizes pain and increases quality of life.

In honor of my mom Denise, our team is raising money in support of Myeloma Canada and The Ottawa Hospital by participating in the Ottawa-Gatineau Walk for Myeloma, Steps to a Cure on September 22nd! 


If you would like to join our fundraising and walking team, please click on "JOIN TEAM" and I will reach out to you with details about the days events. 

By making a donation to our team, you are helping to fund clinical research and to support advocacy for accelerated access to game-changing therapies for Canadian myeloma patients.
Please make a small donation today and help us reach our fundraising goal!

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